Greetings from Houston, Texas. I am Brian and is my personal blog. Anything more you want to know? Lol, well I guess you already know what it is all about by reading through my articles. I’m super passionate about building on my dreams, whether that is a new construction project at home, in my garden or in our company. I just love to try out new things and even more to share it with other like minded fellows on the internet.

Before I forget it, please do give me feedback on my posts by writing to [email protected]. I really appreciate if you have different opinions on any kind of construction related issue.

My main purpose of creating Stork USA isn’t to make money by monetizing it through ads or the like, but rather to create a community with hobby do it yourself guys and gals from all over the US.

It’s not just when you try to install a solar panel on your house roof that you may want to read my articles but simply any kind of repair, maintenance or replacement issue that you are interested in. I’m sure you can find the one or other answer to your question on this site.

With that being said, I will take my dog for a walk now and when I come back write on my next article that will probably concern the different types of construction and home based business you should do instead of hiring a technician.

Thanks again for checking out my site, and please don’t judge me by the many spelling and grammar mistakes I make on my construction guides – I barely proofread them. But I still guess you get some great value out of this site.

Cheers and good luck with all your building projects!